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The Rookie Report - Part 3

4 Things I’ve Learned in my First Term

Today's blog is part 3 of a four part series. If you missed the first two posts, here are links to part 1 and to part 2.

3. Flexibility is not an option. My energies were mainly focused in Eastern Europe, but it was not unusual for our team to host numerous guests and conferences in our office building. With the intensity of the refugee crisis during our last term, it wasn’t uncommon to set aside my normal responsibilities to respond to a need or mobilize for a distribution throughout the European trail from Calais, France to Thessaloniki, Greece. For those who know me well, I enjoyed the myriad of responsibilities and agility required to creatively address the needs presented. Truthfully, the team that God gathered together was so talented and flexible—I marveled at how we managed to adjust and respond, no matter what came our way. Missions is filled with opportunities to stretch, flex, and bend to meet the need!


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