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The Rookie Report - Part 1

4 Things I’ve Learned in my First Term

Today's blog features the first of a four part series. Stay tuned for the next three posts in this series.

1. Language learning is tough. Since “pig Latin” (Ig-Pay Atin-Lay) is apparently not a legitimate second language and it is not commonly spoken among Belgians, I endeavored to tackle French—the language commonly spoken in the southern region of Belgium, commonly known as “Wallonia.” In the north, the region is called “Flanders” which consists of the Dutch speaking population.

I was successful in disappointing everyone. My French was very rough, and the Dutch lit up when they read my obviously Dutch last name, only to figure out that beyond “Dank je” (Thank you) I was a disgrace to my homeland. Gail and the kids were so much better with their French! My French teacher loved me, and I loved her—but I think it was only from my positive attitude and contagious smile as it was certainly not in my French skills!

In time, as we return to Belgium, I am determined to continue learning and expanding my French skills!


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