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In a constant desire to add value to the lives of my readers…whether you’re single or an old married couple, this will serve you well in our technology-enhanced relational world.

I was on a 9,000km (5,600 mile) trip across 11 countries, meeting with missionaries, national leaders, pastors, and potential community partners. I was driving the whole thing…by myself.

Having just had a tremendous lunch in Mostar, Bosnia, I was heading back toward my hotel. It is an incredibly beautiful drive, even with the treacherous mountain passes that are not for the faint-hearted. At the bottom of one of these passes, there was a bridge to pass at the base of a windy mountain road that is barely a lane and a half. It hadn’t caught my attention that I was following several dusty black Mercedes vehicles.

All of a sudden…all of the cars in front of me crisscrossed in a what seemed like a choreographed effort that effectively stopped traffic in both directions.  I was stuck at the back of the pack.  The next thing I knew, the cars emptied with men pouring out of the vehicles and the sound of gunfire erupted.  All of the men began pulling out hand guns, and I began to wonder where this was heading. 

I did what seemed logical at the time.  I took a couple QUICK pictures and then texted my wife the following text:

As you can imagine, I was paying close attention to what was happening. I mean, who has time for a “text conversation”… About 5 minutes later I got the following reply:

“That moment when your husband sends you a text about bridges, cars, shouting and guns and waits 2 minutes to tell you that he's uninjured.”

Thankfully, it was merely a spontaneous political protest and they were just shooting up into the air.

Thankfully, I have an understanding wife who was too far away to SHOOT me at the time! My immediate thoughts involved, “I won’t deny my faith in Christ…however, whatever they are for…I am for!” My reflective thoughts…choose your texts wisely AND ALWAYS FOLLOW UP QUICKLY!


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