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Joel’s Secret to Team Spirituality

I have been tremendously successful in accelerating the prayer life of team members I’ve hosted. Would you like to know my secret?

I have the joy of meeting short-term missions teams from the U.S. at airports all over Eastern Europe. Many times, I’m meeting these people for the very first time. It is appropriate to welcome the team into the country and then share with them a piece of my story.

We load up all of the team’s luggage into the back of the van, and take our seats. Then I drive them to location which is usually within 3 hours of the airport. Everyone is excited and nervous being in a different country.

While driving, I tell them the story of my ruptured brain aneurysm, and this gets their attention. Like clockwork, someone always asks, “do you have any long-term effects of your aneurysm?”

I dutifully reply, “Just three fingers that tingle constantly…and occasionally, I black-out while driving…” Spontaneous prayer… EVERY. TIME.

#MakingTeamsBetter #TwistedAneurysmHumor P.S. It’s not true people…my fingers don’t tingle. Hahaha!


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